Soft Skills

Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions In the earlier articles on our website, we have seen many articles regarding the Common Interview Questions or, types of interviews, interview tips and the common pattern followed by IBPS.In this article, we will, however, highlight the questions that are considered Common Interview Questions in the context of selection interview. These kinds of Common Interview Questions […]

GD topics

Important GD Topics for MBA

Important GD Topics for MBA  Typically a management institute employs more than one method of screening the candidates in admission process. At most of the B-school the selection process comprises the following. Written test, Group Discussion (GD), Interview As a manager, you will always be working in teams, as a member or as a leader. […]

What really works in a GD?

What really works in a GD? What are the popular “Do’s” in a GD? When proposing an idea or argument, be very clear and structured in thinking and communication. Charm and personality take you up to a certain point but after that, it is simply your intelligence, thought process and command over the language which […]

Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews Just as IBPS conducts a panel interview according to the nature of its job. There are many other professions in the world which conduct a special kind of interview. These are due to various factors like geographical, nature of the job; professional study etc. let us understand some of its common kind […]

How to be a good corporate communicator

How to be a good corporate communicator

Without efficient communication skills, one can never reach the corporate ladder. To be a good corporate communicator, or to develop better communication skills, one needs to improve in the following areas: Be Flexible And Curious To Learn People who are curious to learn new things, have more tolerance for ambiguity, are always eager to learn […]

Important skills needed for effective Corporate communication

Communication Skills heads from birth of a child to adulthood and then to old-hood. One can learn communication skills by commencing with the observation of world surrounding them. Corporate communication is the communication provided by the corporation, business, and public body to the internal or external public. In the corporate environment, if a person is […]